Should I Have Received Something By Now Telling Me When I'll Be Paid?

Mar 10 2019 - 12:28pm

Hi Larry. I filed befre FRA and have been receiving reduced benefits based on earnings above the 2018 cap. I understand the 2.00/1.00 formula for exceeding the annual limit and was expecting to have some months suspended again for 2019 but still no confirmation from SS re when those payments will resume. Ihave called SS 4 times and ea answer is a little different. Last answer saidcomputer programs that generate these letters is just backed up? Shouldn't I have received something from Ss by now re what they will pay and when?
Thank you Elaine

Hi Elaine,

I can't give you a good answer without more details. If you earned more than the 2018 annual earnings limit, then you may have received more benefits than you should have in 2018 in which case you'd be overpaid. Social Security would propose to recover any such overpayment by suspending your benefits for as long as it takes to recover the overpayment.

Social Security won't have verification of your 2018 earnings until around the fall of 2019 unless you report your exact 2018 earnings to them. Otherwise, they must wait for earnings reports from the IRS and allow for late filed returns. So, if you haven't already done so you should report the exact amount of your 2018 earnings to Social Security, and also give them an estimate of what you expect to earn in 2019. Once that information is entered into Social Security's computer system, they should be able to notify you when your benefit payments will resume.

Best, Jerry