Maximize My Retirement Income

Let us do all the work to evaluate your income-maximizing strategies with our new service Maximize My Retirement Income.

We use our patented financial planning software, Economic Security Planner, to answer questions like these:

  • What is my current baseline retirement income and spending?
  • How much can I raise my retirement income and spending by delaying my retirement?
  • Can working part time, but for longer, raise my retirement income?
  • How should I maximize my lifetime Social Security benefits?
  • If I should wait to 70 to collect Social Security how can I bridge the gap?
  • How much can I save in taxes from contributing more to regular and Roth retirement accounts?
  • How should I time my regular and Roth retirement account withdrawals to minimize my taxes?
  • Will a Roth conversion lower my taxes?
  • How much more can I spend if I downsize my house?
  • How much more can I spend if I move to a state with lower taxes and housing costs?
  • How much will annuitizing my retirement accounts raise my retirement income?
  • Is a reverse mortgage a safe move and will it pay?
  • How do I preserve income for future healthcare costs?

Maximize My Retirement Income is a personalized service:

Step 1 After your purchase we discuss the key 4-5 strategies you want to evaluate.

Step 2 We send you an electronic form to complete using your financial data that we will enter into Economic Security Planner software.

Step 3 We schedule a two-hour online meeting so you can see your data in the software and have us use the software to present various scenarios based on the 4-5 strategic questions you want to answer. We send you the various reports at the end of this session with the data the program has generated.

Step 4 We give you time to review the data and then schedule a one hour follow-up session in case you want to re-run a scenario or change some data.

Step 5 If you choose to evaluate additional scenarios we discuss your needs and will estimate the costs.

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