Is It Possible For Me To Make Catch-Up Contributions To Increase My Social Security Benefit Amount?

Apr 21 2018 - 2:50pm

I have worked overseas for over twenty years. As a result, my estimated monthly benefit when I start to claim would be around $200. I’m 58 and hope to keep working until 65. My wife has heard there is a way for me to “catch up” my social security contributions once we return to the US permanently. I’d be happy to make up twenty years of contributions if allowed. Would such a thing be possible? Thanks for any advice you can give us! Chris

Hi Chris,

No, you aren't allowed to make 'catch-up' contributions or any other type of voluntary payments as a means to boost your Social Security benefit rate. Probably the best things you could do to increase your benefit rate is work more years and earn as much as possible in those years. You could also significantly increase your retirement benefit rate by waiting until you reach age 70 to start drawing your benefits.

Our maximization software will allow you to enter projected future years of earnings so that you can gauge their likely effect on your benefit rate and help you determine your best strategy.

Best, Jerry