Is It Correct That I Don't Need To Worry About My Vacation Payment If I Receive It Before The Month I Turn 60?

Mar 6 2020 - 7:34am

I plan to take survivor's benefits when I turn 60 in July of this year. I'm currently working and want to wait till SS confirms I will receive the benefits before I give notice / quit my job (I'd like to my last day to be in June). My appointment is in April - how long can I expect to wait before I receive confirmation in writing from S.S. that my benefits will begin the month following my birthday and the $ amount? Also, I expect to receive about $7,500 in vacation payout. If I receive this money in June I shouldn't have to worry about exceeding the monthly earnings limit since it will be the month before I turn 60. Is this correct? Do I need to discuss the vacation payout with S.S. during my April appointment when I'm submitting my application? Thank you!


Yes, as long as your last day of employment is in June, a subsequent payment of accumulated vacation pay would be considered to have been earned in June for purposes of the monthly earnings test. You can be paid benefits based on the monthly test for July through December of this year as long as you don't earn more than $1,520 in any of those months. I don't see any reason that you'd need to bring up the vacation pay with Social Security based on what you state in your question.

Most Social Security claims are processed within a month, or two at the outside. That doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions, though. You can apply up to 4 months in advance, so if you're going to claim benefits effective with July you may want to file an application as soon as possible.

Best, Jerry