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How Much Will My Remaining Children Be Paid When My Oldest Child Turns 18?

My 3 children receive 846 per child my oldest Turing 18 so how much will tha remaing to get

Hi. The answer to your question depends on a) the primary insurance amount (PIA) of the worker on whose record the children collect benefits, b) the family maximum benefit (FMB) amount that can be paid on the worker's record, c) whether or not the worker is living or deceased, and d) whether or not any other children or surviving spouses will be eligible for benefits on the worker's record.

Children receiving benefits on the record of a living worker can be paid up to a maximum of 50% of the worker's PIA, whereas surviving children can be paid as much as 75% of a deceased worker's PIA. But, if paying all of the eligible auxiliaries or survivors their full benefit rates would exceed the FMB, then the actual amount payable to each beneficiary must be reduced proportionately.

Social Security would have all of the information required to answer your question in their records, so you should be able to find out by calling them.

Best, Jerry

May 24 2023 - 9:45pm
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