How Much Am I Allowed To Earn If I Collect Survivor Benefits?

Jan 18 2020 - 10:55am

I am 65 years old and collect survivor benefits I was wondering how much I am allowed to make working at my job while collecting these benefits. I know if I was collecting Social Security at this age I would only be allowed to make $17,040 per year but I couldn’t seem to find out if there is a difference between these two benefits and how much I can make


The same earnings test limits apply to all types of Social Security benefits, including survivor benefits. Assuming that you won't reach age 66 before the end of 2020, the amount that you could earn this year without losing any of your benefits is $18,240. If you will reach age 66 this year, however, you could earn up to $48,600 in the months prior to the month you reach age 66 and there would be no limit on your earnings from then on (

Best, Jerry