How Does $0 Income For 8 Years Affect My Benefit?

Feb 26 2019 - 11:35am

When I was down sized out of a job at 62 (FRA 66) I elected to take spousal benefit at age 66 and continue to delay receiving benefits on my record. The last benefit estimate I had showed me receiving $2282 @ 66 doing the math $2282*1.32 I would receive $3012 + COLA . Is this correct? How does $0 income for 8 years effect my benefit. I can't get a benefit estimate from SS online because I receive spousal benefits. Will SS give me the benefit amount over the phone or at a SS office?
Thank you


Yes, your math appears to be correct. Having no earnings for 8 years won't lower your benefit rate as long as future projected earnings weren't used in calculating your previous estimate. The Social Security statements periodically mailed out by Social Security do often include assumed future earnings in some of their calculations, so if that's what you're basing your estimate on you may want to double check.

If you can get reach a knowledgeable Social Security employee they should be able to give you an accurate estimate of your current and future benefit rates, or you could use the benefit calculator in our software.

Best, Jerry