How Do I Get Extra Help To Increase My Retirement Benefits?

Feb 23 2018 - 10:01am

I was put on my medical disability and never finish my full Retirement Benefit, well they increase my SSA Benefits to this day.
beside I can't get my late Husband SSI benefits as Survivor benefits their was none on him so I couldn't claim that, so how do I get extra help with my increase on my retirement benefits.


Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) are paid at the same rate as unreduced Social Security retirement benefits, unless the recipient received reduced retirement benefits prior to qualifying for SSDI. In those cases the SSDI rate is reduced based on the number of months that the person drew reduced retirement benefits before switching to SSDI.

I'm not sure what your situation is, but if you are receiving SSDI then those benefits will likely convert to regular retirement benefits at the same rate when you reach your full retirement age (FRA). If you haven't yet reached FRA and you aren't already receiving SSDI benefits, then you should probably check with Social Security to see if you qualify.

The only way that you would qualify for survivor benefits in addition to your own benefits is if your husband's benefit rate, or primary insurance amount (PIA) if he never received benefits, is higher than the amount you receive on your own record. You may want to check with Social Security about that possibility if you haven't already done so.

Best, Jerry