How Can I Found Out If I'm Receiving Extra Income From Social Security For My Military Service?

Apr 29 2017 - 11:17am

How do I know, or find out if I am receiving extra income from Social Security for serving in the US Army in 1970_1971


The extra income you're referring to are deemed military wages (DMW). During the time you were in the service, Social Security credited you with an extra $300 in wages over and above your actual wages for each calendar quarter (e.g. Jan-Mar, etc.) in which you had active duty (

Starting with 1968, Social Security automated the process of crediting DMWs based on earnings reports received from the various military service branches. During my career with Social Security, I found this process to be extremely reliable, so I am confident that you received your proper credits. To answer your question, though, the best way that I can think of to verify that you received the credits is to compare your W-2 earnings from your years with active duty with the amount posted to your Social Security earnings record. Your earnings record for those years should reflect the extra deemed wages.

Best, Jerry