Foreign Worker -- Can I Collect?

Jul 17 2016 - 12:00am

Hi Larry:
I am from and live in Honduras, from April 1 2000 to April 30 2009 I worked with Work Permit for a Company in New York. Due to the Company not being able to continue in business for the bad economy I was laid down.
During that period of time I accumulated 40 points of Social Security. After several months being unemployed, also begin to feel sick having no health insurance came back to Honduras where I got really sick.
By October 18, I will turn 62. Am I entitled to any type of benefit from the Social Security?
I appreciate Your attention to this question. Than You Very Much, Marco

Dear Marco,

I see no reason why you can't collect. In addition, your wife and young or disabled children should be able to collect on your work record as well. I would contact the U.S. Embassy in Honduras. You may, by the way, want to wait till 70 to collect a much higher annual payment. This will also maximize the widow benefit for your wife.

My best, Lary