Does Social Security's Income Capping Go Away When I Reach My Full Retirement Age?

Aug 27 2018 - 9:03am

Hi Larry et al...!
For completely unexpected chronic unemployment and health reasons, I started taking Social Security Benefits at age 62 years old. As expected, any income earned during from age 62+ was capped at around $15k-$16k per year. Does this income capping go away when I reach my full retirement age of 66 years old?
Many thanks, in advance, for your time and consideration!
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Hi Lee,

Yes. In fact even before you reach your full retirement age (FRA) not all income is limited, only earned income. Specifically, earned income is defined as any combination of gross wages and net earnings from self employment. Other types of income aren't limited by the Social Security earnings test (

Once you reach FRA, though, you can draw all of your Social Security benefits regardless of how much earned or unearned income you may have.

Best, Jerry