Does The Money I Earned Prior To The Month I Start Drawing Benefits Count Toward The Earnings Limit?

Apr 5 2019 - 12:28pm

I am 64 years old we just applied for restricted application ,the first check should start in May . I have made about $6000 this year and will continue to work some more does the the $6000 dollars I made already count towards $17,640 I can make or does $17,640 start in May. Thank you for your time Jm

Hi Jm,

The $6000 that you've already earned this year counts toward the $17,640 Social Security annual earnings test exempt amount. If your first month of entitlement is April 2019 (thus meaning that your first payment would arrive in May), in order to be due all of your benefits you would need to either a) earn no more than $17,640 for the calendar year of 2019, or b) earn no more than $1470 in any month from April through December (

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Best, Jerry