Does Filing And Suspending Affect The Benefit Computation?

Apr 23 2017 - 7:35am

I understand that SS benefit calculated on highest 35 years of wage-indexed earnings, including earnings between age 66 and 70, for delayed retirement.
However, does this also apply if person “filed and suspended” at age 66 and a spousal benefit has been paid?
In other words, will the delayed retirement SS benefit (to be paid at 70) be updated to include (higher) earnings during suspension period?


The same benefit calculation applies regardless of whether or not a person filed and suspended their benefits. So yes, a person's retirement benefit rate can be updated to include higher years of earnings during a period of suspension. And, it doesn't matter whether or not spousal benefits were paid during the suspension, although the spousal benefit rate could also be updated each year to reflect increases in the worker's benefit rate.

Best, Jerry