Customer Support & Privacy Policy

Economic Security Planning, Inc. Customer Support & Privacy Policy

1. Our Mission

The mission of Economic Security Planning, Inc. is to provide households and financial professionals superior financial planning tools and to assist our customers in their purchase and use of our software promptly, courteously and professionally. We adhere to the old maxim – “The customer is always right.” We also believe our customers have much to teach us about how to improve our software and their overall customer experience.

2. Our Commitment to Privacy

In fulfilling our mission, Economic Security Planning, Inc. strives at all times to provide its software in a manner that preserves customer privacy. We don't provide individual customer data to third parties, nor do we aggregate customer data and provide such results to third parties. We only examine the data of a customer upon their explicit request for customer support in their use of our software.

We have set up our software so that it can be run anonymously. We have no need for and no interest in knowing the particular names, addresses, phone numbers, or other identifiers of our customers or their clients.

3. Our Commitment to Data Security

We view customer data as our customers’ private property and take all reasonable steps to maintain its privacy and to safeguard against theft. We routinely backup our databases to ensure customer’s data is protected.

4. Our Use of Cookies in Marketing

We use Google AdWords to promote our products by showing our ads across the Internet including to people who have already visited one of Economic Security Planning, Inc’s sites. Google uses cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to one of Economic Security Planning, Inc.’s sites. You can opt out of Google’s and other third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page. No personally identifiable information is associated with these cookies and Economic Security Planning, Inc. does not provide any customer data to third parties.

5. Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

To the extent possible we attempt to address concerns raised by our customers quickly. Outstanding customer support has been a hallmark of our company’s 15 + years experience in selling financial planning software. We intend to keep it that way.

6. Our Commitment to Quick Resolution of Customer Issues

We provide email customer support and a considerable amount of information to help people through questions about Social Security and using the software. Please click to visit our Information Center.

Our normal customer and technical support contact hours are Monday - Friday 8am-8pm Eastern, though you can submit inquiries at any time. We generally respond the same day to inquires within our normal hours of operation, although some responses may require more time. You can also schedule an expert review consultation for more intensive feedback — see the Purchase Page for more details.

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7. Updating, Upgrading, Improving Our Software

The purchase of our software comes with a commitment from our company to keep the software updated through the licensing period. We are continually improving our software and make updates available to our customers as soon as they are completed and have been tested.

8. Feedback

Economic Security Planning’s goal is to surpass customer expectations. Comments on our services regarding how well those expectations are being met are welcome and appreciated. All feedback is reviewed by several members of our staff. Please click here to send your feedback and suggestions.