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Is CPP The Reason Why My U.S. Benefit Amount Is Low?

I receive social security from the US.
US citizen and get CPP as permanent resident Only worked short time in Canada. Worked all my life in US.. I feel I am collected a low amount from US. Is this CPP the reason? Should I inquire to US SECURITY? Thank you

Hi. Possibly. It sounds like your U.S. Social Security benefit might be affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). WEP can cause a person's retirement benefit rate to be computed using a less generous calculation formula if they also receive a pension that's based on their earnings that were exempt from Social Security taxes (

You should be able to find out if WEP is causing your benefit rate to be reduced by contacting Social Security.

Best, Jerry

Jan 6 2022 - 5:46pm
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