Can A Widow Who Is 60+ Work Full Time Without Being Penalized?

Oct 21 2019 - 10:06am

Can a person collect widows benefit at 60+ and work full time without being penalized?


A widow can't work full time and collect all of their widow's benefits if they're under full retirement age (FRA) and the earn more than the Social Security earnings test exempt amount. The exempt amount of earnings that a person can earn and still draw all of their benefits in 2019 is $17,640, but Social Security would need to withhold $1 of a person's benefit amount for each $2 that a person earns in excess of that amount. A person turning FRA in 2019 can earn up to $46,920 without losing any of their benefits, and only earnings prior to the month the person reaches FRA count toward that limit. Also, for people turning FRA in 2019, only $1 of benefits is withheld for each $3 that they earn in excess of $46,920 in the months prior to their FRA.

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Best, Jerry