Can My Friend Draw SSI Benefits Without Penalty?

Sep 8 2019 - 10:44am

My friend turns 65 dec 19.
He works for metro transit.
At 65, making $30.00 an hour.
40 hours min a week.
Can he draw SSI-sss benefits without penalty?


I'm assuming that by SSI you're referring to Social Security benefits and not Supplemental Security Income. If your friend was born in 1954 his full retirement age (FRA) for Social Security benefits is 66. Until then, his Social Security benefits would be subject to full or partial withholding if he works and earns more than the exempt amount allowed under Social Security's earnings test (

The exempt amount in 2019 for people under FRA throughout the year is $17,640. The 2019 exempt amount for people reaching FRA this year is $46,920, but the exempt amount for people reaching FRA 2020 hasn't yet been announced. It sounds like your friend is earning more than both amounts noted above, so if he files for his benefits before FRA it's likely that at least some of his benefits would need to be withheld. Your friend might want to use our software ( to explore and compare his options so that he can choose the best possible strategy for claiming his benefits.

Best, Jerry