Can I Stop My Benefits If I Return To Work?

Jun 16 2018 - 6:12am

I started collecting Social Security on March 2018, Now June 2018 I want to go back to work. Can I stop my Social Security benefits.


I'm assuming you're under full retirement age (FRA) or else your work and earnings wouldn't have any effect on your ability to draw benefits. I also assume you mean that you've filed for retirement benefits and not disability benefits. You can't actually voluntarily suspend your benefits prior to FRA, but if you are returning to work and will earn more than $17,040 this year your benefits will almost certainly be suspended when you notify Social Security of that fact. Your benefits would then remain suspended until Social Security withholds $1 of benefits for every $2 that you expect to earn in excess of $17,040 this year. However, if you'll be turning age 66 by the end of this year you could earn as much $45,360 in the months prior to your month of birth, and Social Security would only need to withhold $1 of benefits for every $3 you earn in excess of that amount.

Your other option would be to withdraw your application ( but you would then have to repay the benefits you've already received. Or if you are FRA or older but under age 70, you could voluntarily suspend your benefits in order to earn delayed retirement credits (

Best, Jerry