Can I Base My Income Off Net Earnings For The Year?

Feb 22 2019 - 10:02am

If I take early retirement at 62, can I work in my self employed job and base my income off net income for the year instead of monthly for social security purposes? By the time I take deductions, I'll be around 18,000 to 20,000 net.


For Social Security earnings test purposes, your countable earnings is your gross wages or net earnings from self-employment (NESE). Therefore, if you're self-employed only, Social Security would count your net self-employment earnings for the calendar year. The 2019 earnings test exempt amount for people age 62 is $17,640, so if your NESE is between $18K - $20K in 2019, Social Security would need to withhold $1 of your benefits for each $2 that your NESE exceeds $17,640 (

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Best, Jerry