Can I Avoid A Delay In Receiving Delayed Retirement Credits By Filing Effective With January?

Oct 26 2017 - 5:21am

My question relates to DRC payments. My wife and I were born in Sept 1953 and May 1951 respectively. Your software’s maximized spousal strategy suggests we both choose an entitlement month of December 2019. She’ll file a restricted application for half of my FRA. Presumably my DRCs will initially only be calculated as of December 2018, then recouped later. However, waiting one month until January 2020 changes the maximized outcome very little. Is it possible we can avoid the delay in my full DRCs by both filing for a January 2020 entitlement? Thanks!


I need to preface my answer by explaining that I only answer the questions submitted to this forum, and I don't have access to your customer data or results. Please submit questions about the software or your results via an online contact form in the help menu.

To answer your direct question, though, yes if you selected January 2020 as your month of election to start benefits you would immediately be credited with your delayed retirement credits through December 2019. However, that may not be your best long-term strategy given the resulting loss of potential benefits for both you and your wife for 2019. You may want to double check by rerunning your numbers on the maximization software.

Best, Jerry