Shouldn't I Be Held Harmless With Regard To My Part B Premium?

Mar 3 2017 - 6:15am

Hi Larry,

I started medicare part B on November 1, 2013 with the premium taken out of my SS benefit payment. MY part B premium for
2014 and 2015 was about $104.90. The part B premium for 2016 was $170.50 due to income above $170,000. For 2017
I submitted SSA-44 and my premium was reduce from $187.50 to $131. ("$134.00 for the standard Medical Premium minus
$3.00 for the reduction in your standard monthly premium") Shouldn't my Part B premium be $109 due to the hold harmless provision?

Thank You,

Hi Bill,

No, if you were required to pay a higher Part B premium in 2016 due to your income level ( but you qualify for the standard Part B rate this year, you would revert to the new standard premium rate, not the rate that you paid prior to 2016.

Best, Jerry