What Will My Benefit Be at Age 70 If I Continue to Work?


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I am 67 years old and earning approx 60k a year. My current SS will be 1,328 and at 70 1,728 based on earnings of 2,300 a year. How much will my SS be at age 70 if I continue to earn 60 k for the next 3 years. Also , if I collect now how much tax would I pay on my SS. The question is does it make sense to collect now or wait. I can live on my income presently. Maybe I should collect and bank my SS but dont want to get taxed on it. Suggestions.

Are Benefits Ever Recalculated?


Larry, I have another question that I never see addressed in any article on SS...and I do try to read all of them. If we continue to work after claiming SS, does SS take that new earned income into consideration if it is higher than some of our early years of income? How often, if ever, is there a review and an adjustment? Thanks for all your hard work on this topic!


What Happens If I Keep Working?


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I took my Social Security during the recession at 62. I really have been working ever since. I understand that whatever I got at that time is it. Seems a little odd to me that when I finally stop working which may not be till my 80's, (excellent health) there will be no benefit increase beyond the standard.
Also isn't there a time when they stop deducting federal taxes for medicare?

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