Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Does My Father's Foreign Pension Affect His Social Security Benefits?

My dad is 67, and is a legal resident with a green card, in 2016 he lost his job and applied for social security with the credits he had from working in the US since 2002. In June of 2016 he applied for his Portuguese pension, and started receiving his Portuguese pension in October. We were told that Portugal had an agreement with the USA and that he needed to declare his foreign pension to Social Security and declare his pension in his income taxes in the USA, instead of doing his taxes in Portugal for that money. When it was time to do his taxes, we were completely lost.

Will My Social Security Benefits Be Reduced If I Receive Part Of My Ex-Husband's Federal Pension?

I am entitled to half my ex's pension benefits through a Federal Employee Pension Program once he retires. He will not collect Social Security as he did not pay into this system. I am age 62 in March 2018. I would like to begin collecting SS then which will be around $1100 per month.
When my ex retires will MY SS of $1100 a month be reduced by 2/3 due to me being eligible to recive half his pension for the 22 years we were married?

Which Estimate Is Correct?

I am 64 years of age and am a federal csrsoffset employee with 23 years of service . I contacted social security and have gotten three different estimates regarding my benefits when I apply for them at the end of 2017. I am trying to get my monthly earnings from both sources as to know what my budget would be. Social security estimates received are $811.00 and $ 1109.00 And one for $1229.00 and a printout saying 87% of earnings , I font know which estimate to believe . thanks for any or a correct input.


Can I Draw Spousal Benefits While Receiving A Pension From My Employer?

My employer opted out of social security many years ago for a pension plan that is invested in the stock market. I have worked there for 37 years. I am getting closer to retirement age (within next 10 years) and am not sure how to handle retirement. I lost a significant amount of money years ago and thusly do not have a large amount in my plan <$200,000.00. Can I draw the spouse's portion of social security and draw out quarterly or semi annual amounts from my pension if I roll it over into something. Or is there a certain age where I can have both? Thank you.

How Does Social Security Calculate The WEP Guarantee Provision?

How does Social Security calculate the WEP reduction based on no greater than 1/2 of the portion of the monthly pension that is attributed to the non-covered work time? I had to retire earlier than planned due to a cancer diagnosis. My non-covered time is just a fraction of my total time that is included in my pension and it is part-time work (less than 1/2 time). It is calculated as a portion of my pension by the state agency that issued the pension at 13.5% non-covered. However, SSA reduced my pension by more than 50%.

How Will Our Benefits Be Affected By By Non-Covered State Pension?

I am a state employee in a non social security state and also work part time in the private sector. In a couple of years when I retire, my social security earnings will exceed 30 years with about 15 years of substantial earnings. How will this affect my social security benefit? My wifes social when she retires will be greater than mine as she will have 30+ years of substantial SS earnings. Will her SS be reduced after my death when she receives my survivor benefit (2/3 of my pension)?
Thank you


Will My Government Pension Affect Widow's Benefits?

I am 89 my husband dies at 94 I have never had social security but he did. I get a retirement from working for government it is udner 1000 dollars a month. I was told at SS center I will not get 100 percent of my husbands SS because I make retirement from government. He said it will lessen. I so not get ss, but governement retirement. I do not understand if he is correct. he was in an hurry it was the end of the day.

Thank you Doris

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I'm sorry for your loss.