Filing Strategies

Am I Eligible To Receive Spousal Benefits Now Without Jeopardizing My Own Age 70 Rate?

My husband is 80 and has been receiving SS benefits since he was 62. I am 67 (6/2/1950) and plan to start receiving SS at age 70 (6/2/2020). Am I eligible to receive spousal benefits now without jeopardizing my ability to receive the maximum amount of social security based on my own greater-than-his income when I turn 70?


What Is A Good Plan For Us?

I will be 66 next month (9/25/195), my wife will be 61 in December, 12/30/1956. I am still working ($140k plus a year) so don't really need to claim SS now. What a good plan for us? I've read, but am really confused on so kind of Spouse Benefit trick, here i file for benefits and suspend them and claim my spouses benefits? Not sure what that's all about, but don't want to nor do something now and lose....Help??


Can You Confirm My Plan?

I turned 66 years old at the end of June 2017. (I was born in 1951) I was married for just short of 34 years. I have not remarried. My X has not remarried. My X just turned 62 ( she was born in 1955) also at the end of June 2017. We have been divorced for 6 years. I have not yet filed for any Social Security benefits. I do not know if my X has; we do not communicate. We were married from 1976 to 2011. I was the primary wage earner; my X worked for the first 10 years of our marriage. She left the work force to be a full time mom.

Will My Benefits Continue To Grow If I Start Drawing Divorced Spousal Benefits Before FRA?

Hi Larry,

I am 64 years old. I was married for 13 years to a man who is about to turn 66. IF I choose to collect divorced spousal benefits in January 2018, will my benefits continue to grow? I understand that I would be leaving about 4% of the 50% of his benefit that I am eligible to receive. I am working and earn $25,000 per year and I understand the formula that would impact the benefit.


Can I File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits Only If I'm Receiving SSDI?

Hello Larry:
I am married, turning 65 years-old this October, and have been receiving SSDI for approximately one year. My wife would like to retire next year and begin drawing her SSRB, while I would concurrently file a restricted application, applying for the spousal benefit in order to receive 50% of her FRA amount.
QUESTIONS: since my SSDI automatically converts to a SSRB when I turn 66, how am I able to file a restricted application? Would it be necessary for me to Suspend my SSRB at age 66?
Thank you very much for your help,

Can I Still Qualify For Divorced Spousal Benefits If My Ex Is Drawing Widower's Benefits?

Hi Larry.

I plan to claim a divorce benefit on my ex husband's Social Security Earnings when I am 66 years old, continue to work, and let my benefit grow until I reach age 70.
My marriage lasted 25 years, I have not remarried, and my birth year is 1953.

My ex husband did remarry but his spouse recently died unexpectedly. His birth year is also 1953. I believe he may be receiving a survivor benefit.

Which Type Of Benefit Should I File For First?

My husband is deceased when he passed I was told by my local social security office that his amount would always be more than mine
I plan on retiring at age 62
I am trying to decide whose benefit would be best to file for at that time to maximize my income
Should I file for my benefit first and then change to his at full retirement age of 66? Or the opposite or combination?


I'm sorry for your loss.