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Is Social Security Right About Me Being Overpaid?

Hi Larry:
While at full retirement age 66 and working full time, I applied for and received SS benefits from my ex-spouse (living). Then, 6 months later, I retired and changed over to collect SS from my own account. Now, SS is billing me for the full amount I collected from my ex-spouse SS , the 6 monthly benefit payments and the 6 month retroactive benefit.
I had the understanding this was a recommended path to follow so my own SS would increase. The local SS office maintains they are due all monies from my ex-spouse's SS.

Would It Be Better For Me To File For Reduced Widow's Benefits Or Wait Until FRA?

Hi Larry, I am 64 and retired. My husband recently died at age 66 and had not filed for social security benefits. My social security benefit will be more than my husband's so I plan to take survivor benefits until I am 70 then file for my own benefit. I understand the survivors benefit is reduced prior to my reaching FRA. If I take survivor benefits early at 64, will I receive less social security payout in total compared to taking survivor benefits at FRA? Thanks for your advice!


I'm sorry for your loss.

Can I File For Divorced Spousal Benefits Now Without Filing On My Own Record?

I am 64 born 9/1952, divorced and never remarried and have never filed for social security benefits. My ex husband & I were married 26 years. He is 68 born 9/1949 and began collecting early SS retirement benefits at 62. I need major surgery that will keep me out of work for several months then hopefully be able to work again until age 70. I want to know if under the new Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 I can file and collect divorced spousal benefit this year (before my FRA of 66) and delay my own benefits until age 70.

Would My Wife's Widow's Rate Be Lower If She Files For Reduced Benefits On Her Own Record?

hi i am 63 my wife is 62
she worked in past and has a fra of 692
i am still working and plan to work for a while at least (god willing). my fra is 2680

if she files now she loses 25% of her fra. but if she waits to 66 to claim spousal or god forbid widows will she be negatively impacted

please advise

Hi Tom,

How Would My Wife Filing Early Affect Our Benefits?

Larry: My birthdate is Dec 1951. My wife's birthdate is May 1955. I plan on working and not drawing SS until at least age 66 and hopefully age 70. My wife is planning to start receive Social Security payments based solely on her own income at age 62 (June 2017). Will my wife drawing SS early (age 62) have any impact on me receiving full SS payments later when I start drawing SS payments? Would my wife be able to draw SS based on 1/2 of my SS payment after she reaches age 66? and if I were to die first, would my wife still be able to draw full SS Survivor Benefit from my SS?

Should I File And Suspend My Benefits?

I am going in May to Social Security to apply for spousal benefits. My husband thinks I must first file and suspend and then file for spousal benefits. I read your first book. My husband filed and suspended before April 2016. His birthdate is 2/2/1949. My birthdate is 5/11/1951. We both have more than 35 years of work history. I am desperate for your answer. I am going to write the sentence on my sheet at social security that this does not apply to my retirement benefits. It is the statement that I copied off the question and answer sheet (your website).

Should My Wife File For Benefits At Age 62?

It has been suggested that my wife file for SS benefits in a few months when she reaches age 62. I ask whether you agree. She is 9 yrs and 11 months younger than me, I had a substantially larger lifetime earnings records, I deferred taking SS benefits until age 70, we both have a defined benefit pension (hers is very modest), and we assume that we will each live to an average actuarial age based on our current ages (almost 72 male and almost 62 female). I am required to take substantial RMD's, we are in the 25% marginal tax bracket, and we do not need her SS benefit (approx.

What Do You Think Of My Strategy?

Hi Larry-
I'm almost 58 and currently working for the government as a DoD employee. I am also retired from the military. I am considering retiring in two years and spending down our TSP account and delaying applying for Social Security until 66/10 at the earliest and 70 at the latest. Completely spending down the TSP will eliminate the minimum required distribution at 70.5 but more importantly limits my taxable income to retirement income only when we apply for Social Security...what do you think of my strategy?