Filing Strategies

What Is My Best Strategy?

I am 63 (born Dec. 1953). I have 40 quarters of soc. sec. earnings and would received approx. $1800/mo at full retirement age on my own account. My husband (born July 1950) started taking his soc. sec. at age 62. His monthly benefit before Part B is $1850. We also have an adult child in our household disabled at birth (down syndrome) Born in 1985. She receives a child's benefit of $1257/mo. What is my best strategy for when to file and what to file for?

Should My Wife File At Age 62?

I just turned 62. My wife will turn 62 later this year. I have the larger SS benefit and plan to wait until at least FRA to file. While we do not need SS income to meet our needs, I'm reading that perhaps my wife should file @62 to maximize benefits, as there is little advantage to her waiting due to my larger check as a survivor benefit. This, of course, suggests that I don't make it to life expectancy. Here's a piece of what I read:

Do You Have Any Strategy Suggestions For Us?

Dear Larry,

My husband is about to turn 62. I am about to turn 30. We have been married for almost 6 years and we have a child together who just turned 5 years old. I have worked very little and I am currently a stay at home mom. From social security, my husband's estimated benefit is about $2,700 per month if he were to retire at age 66 and 2 months FRA. Could you please let me know your strategy suggestions given our large age difference? Thanks for any advice you may have. Very Best, Anonymous

Hi Anonymous,

When Should I Start Drawing Widow's Benefits?

Widow, never remarried, husband disabled July 2003, began receiving SS Disability Nov. 2003 (age 53 but Nov. 11 age 54), deceased Aug. 2011. Have been employed, never applied for nor received any of husband’s SS. Want to receive spousal benefits at age 66, Sept. 2018, receive my SS at age 70. What procedure on my behalf will ensure full spousal benefit age 66-70, my full benefit at age 70 which will be greater than husband’s SS?

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I'm sorry for your loss.

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Me?

Hello Mr. Larry!
My husband is retired military, he took out the SBP, he has also applied for his social security benefit at age 62 which will begin at the end of June 2017. We had a very small home based business that we did not take a salary; unfortunately the business isn't doing much business and therefore he hasn't paid into SS since 1998. His military retirement won't be effective for taking his social security.

Would It Be An Okay Strategy For Me To Retire At Age 62?

I thought I was fairly financially savvy. Then I started reading several of your articles and answers today. I don't feel so savvy now! I am 61, married with dependent children. I am a military veteran with pension and a current federal civil servant (FERS). I want to "retire" and do other things with my life. I am thinking since I will be a dreaded but grateful "Triple Dipper" with lifetime COLA protected annuities it would be OK for me to retire "early" at age 62 and begin enjoying life more. Any thoughts?

When Should My Wife And I File For Benefits?

My birthdate 7/14/53, my wife's 8/27/53. My estimated benefit at full retirement $2527, wife's $1268. Wife retired last year, I expect to retire at age 65, preferably about a month before I turn 65. No rush to collect, long life expectancies. Should she start collecting now? At age 66? When I retire? Or at age 70? Should I take a spousal benefit on her account? I am assuming I should wait until I turn 70 to collect on my account, correct?