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Can My Husband Get Spousal Benefits And Allow His Own Benefits To Grow Until Age 70?

I am 66 1/2 and plan to take social security when I turn 70. By husband will be 67 1/2 when I turn 70. I was recently told at a retirement planning workshop that if my husband takes spousal support when I turn 70, he will not be able to convert this to his maximum social security benefit when he turns 70. If he waits until he turns 70 to take his maximum benefit, it will be higher than mine because his income has been higher for most of our marriage.


Can I File For Spousal Benefits Now Without Also Filing For My Own Benefits?

My wife and I are both age 63 (born in Nov 1953), and my wife is receiving her early benefits. Can I file for spousal benefits only, without being deemed (forced) to receive my benefits? I want only to receive spousal benefits, till I reach my FRA and then claim my benefits. If able to receive spousal benefits, does this affect my FRA benefits?


Is My Math Accurate?

I will be 66 in July 2017, and my husband just turned 64. He has made much more than me. If he filed for SS early and I filed for spousal benefits rather than my own, half of his benefits would give me $1,079/mo (versus the $1,053/mo I’d get with my own benefits), according to SS numbers. In addition, my benefits would build until I was 70.

Would Filing On Her Own Record At Age 62 Affect On What My Wife Will Receive When I File?

Larry, Our plan is for my wife to take SS early at 62 and for me to take SS at 70.
Will this have any financial impact on the amount my spouse receives starting at 70 with a spousal benefit? And our combined Social Security.
I have run the software and it appears there is a difference. I am trying to understand why.
Would there be a financial benefit for her to wait till FRA?


Can I File Just For Spousal Benefits At FRA And Let My Own Benefit Rate Grow Until Age 70?

My wife and I both reach our FRA in July 2018. My salary has been higher. Is it possible for for her to file at her FRA and for me to file for spousal benefits or a restricted application and get 1/2 of hers while mine grows until I am 70 years old? (Or is this a no-no because of deeming?)
Thanks - Fred

Hi Fred,

Can I Still Get Just A Spousal Benefit And Wait Until Age 70 To Draw My Benefits?

Hey Larry. I am 66 today and am going to retire 7/29. I am planning on waiting until 70 to draw my social security My wife will be 62 7/21 and is planning to retire from post office in November. She was planning on starting her ss on 1/1/18. Can I still get just a spousal benefit and wait until 70 to draw mine. Thanks


Should I Start Drawing Now?

My husband Matt passed away 3/2013 at 57 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lived for 4 months. Matt worked all his life . Life is more difficult with just one income. I am an LPN and really have no desire to quit. It is my sanity. I have worked for 40 plus years. Matts Income was always much more than mine. I just am so confused as to whether to start taking his first or mine when I do decide to retire. Should I start now ? I am 62 will be 63 in January 2018.As I said I am doing ok. My credit thank goodness is excellent 786. No real credit card debt.

Who Is Correct?

My husband passed away in December of 2014 (I had turned 60 in August of that year). I visited the social security office to complete the requisite filings. I was advised about the reduction based on age and the earnings cap. Since I was employed as a teacher, the amount of benefit would have been marginally above zero at the time. I was further advised that the amount of my benefit would increase along with my age and that any point I could file for the benefit. I was further advised that I could switch to my own in the future if that benefit was higher.