Disability Benefits

Why Does It Take So Long?

I have applied for as I more then once this would be my 3rd time. All I have been denied. I have been waiting 63 day to hear back from them turned my paperwork for a determination on the 12 of this month. Why have they not called or stated they needed anything else could it be taking a long time because it was a proved or denied. Plus they have not called me back stating anything they needed beside letting me know they received and it is pending. What could it be tho?


Should My Earnings After Becoming Disabled Increase My Benefit Rate?

I am receiving SSDI since 05/2007. Since 2009 till tax year 2016, I pay an self-employment tax based on self-employment income between $5500 - $9500 per year.
My question is: Am I eligible for an higher SSDI Benefit amount based on the earnings between 2009 - 2016? I read somewhere, that the income can be added to my former lifetime average? What does the law says about that?


Where Can I Find The Rules Explaining How Part Time Income Affects Disability Benefits?

hi, I am on permanent disability in New Jersey. I need to aquire some sort of part time employment to supplement my disability check. Where would I find the rules and laws explaining how part time income works?


The following Social Security pamphlet: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10095.pdf is a good place to start. If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits (SSDI), you can normally earn up to $1170 per month (gross) without losing benefits.

Best, Jerry

Would Filing For SSDI Help?

Last week my County insurance was severed because s.s.i. was $16 over the acceptable amount. Yesterday, my food stamps were cut from $168 to $16. Sometime last year my account went over $1200.
I had cancer surgery 11/24/16, take anti seizure, anxiety and depression meds. Is there any way signing up for S.S.D. I. could help? This is an impossible situation!


I'm sorry to hear about all of the problems you are having.

Will It Be A Problem That I Worked For A Short Time After Filing For Social Security?

I have more than one question as this stuff is utterly confusing, especially if part of your disability involves issues with thinking but I'll try to make sense here. My first question is, although I was unemployed for over a year and a half before I attempted to try working again 2/17 to March 10th 2017 while waiting to hear back about my initial decision on my disability application 6/2016, will this screw me?

Can I Withdraw The Conversion From Disability To Retirement Benefits At FRA?

I've read your book "Get What's Yours" and i have some questions on how to proceed. have been receiving Social Security Disability benefits for the past 6 years starting at age 60; I will be 66 in June. I went to my Social Security office to withdraw my Social Security benefit before my Disability benefit converts to the Social Security Retirement Benefit in June. So, I filed the form 521 to withdraw.