Collecting Off Of Two Spouses

Are There Any Other Benefits I Can Get?

I was married for 14 years then divorced. Later I remarried someone else. The 2nd husband died and I started collecting widows benefits at age 60. I am now 72. Are there any other benefits I can get?


Theoretically, at least, you could be eligible for a higher benefit on your own account, or on your first husband's record. You would only receive whichever benefit is highest, though. If you haven't checked this out with Social Security, you should do so ASAP.

When Should I Collect Widows Benefits From My Deceased First Spouse?

Hi Larry,
William was 62 in August 2015. Becky, my wife, is presently receiving SSDI payments and she is 62 in May 2016. Becky was married 30 years to another man who is now deceased. William married Becky after her 60th birthday. William will file a restricted application for spousal payments at his FRA August 2019. I want to maximize my social security so tell me if this is a viable strategy.