Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Would My Social Security Benefits Stop When I Start Drawing Railroad Retirement?

I am vested in social security, railroad retirement and Cal PERS, having worked different jobs. I would like to start collecting SS next year (turning 62), and then when I turn 66 and 4 months start collecting my maximum benefit from RR retirement. Would SS stop when I start collecting RR retirement? Will collecting SS at 62 reduce my max RR retirement benefit? Do you have any special advice for me or recommendation of who I need to talk with concerning this? THANKS.


Should I Apply For Social Security If I Work For The Railroad?

I am 65, a railroader for 15 years, not retiring for a while(?). Wife is 62. Should I apply for SSA in order to get spousal benefits for her? Do I have to accept my SSA benefits in order to do this? Is there a down side? Does it alter my plan to retire in 6-7 years from railroad with RRT1, RRT2, and a company pension? I know I would give up the SSA at that point.


Will I Get Railroad Spousal Benefits And Social Security?

My husband is a retired Railroad employee. I work as a nurse and pay into Social Security. Will I get my spousal benefit and SS when I retire?


Potentially yes, but you can only receive the higher of a) your Social Security benefit rate, or b) your Railroad tier 1 benefit (https://www.rrb.gov/opa/qa/pub_1606.asp), plus any tier 2 Railroad benefits to which you are entitled.

Best, Jerry

Can I Start Drawing Railroad Retirement At Age 68 And Get Higher Social Security Benefits At Age 70?

Larry, I am 68 years old (10/28/48) Currently working for the railroad, I have been there for the last 7.5 years. I have been told that I can stop working, retire and collect Rail Road Retirement today. Then at 70 switch from RRR Tier one to SS and receive the higher SS benefit. Currently RR Retirement Tier one will pay me approximately $3,000 a month. SS at 70 will pay approximately. $ 3,275. A $ 275 dollar a month difference. If I stop working today and take RR Retirement will I still be eligible for the $ 275 difference that SS offers at 70?

Can I Take Railroad Divorced Spousal Benefits At Age 62 And Then File For My Social Security Benefits At FRA?

Hi Larry,
I qualify for an ex-spousal reduced RRR Benefit (37% at 62) however, my own reduded Social Security benefits at 62 amount to a higher monthly benefit than the ex-spouse RRR benefit, am I still allowed to collect the reduced RRR benefit at 62 and wait until my full Retirement SS amount at 66.4 ?


Can My Wife Get Social Security Now And Railroad Spousal Benefits Later?

I am 60 and eligible for RR retirement at age 62. My wife is 2 years older than me. Can she draw SS from 62-64 and then switch to RR Retirement (spousal portion)?


Yes, your wife could take reduced retirement benefits on her own record at 62, assuming that she qualifies, and then later get Railroad spousal benefits. I can't tell you whether or not that's her best strategy, though.

Will I Be Able To Collect Both Social Security And Railroad Retirement Benefits?

Hi Larry, thanks for your help,

Statement: I'm 58 and have worked a combined 2.5 years for three different rail roads in my life time, otherwise I have worked and paid into social security. I am thinking of taking a job with the UP for approximately 8 years to get a RR pension and retire at 66.

Question: Since I have so many years paying into regular SS for 38.5 years, will I be able to collect SS along with the RR pension which would be a total of 10.5 years...or, will all my SS benefits be transferred to the RR pension for a larger pension?

Can I Take Reduced Social Security Benefits And Later File For Railroad Retirement?

Hi, I spent most of my career contributing to Social Security but for the last 6 1/2 years I have been working for a labor organization that pays into the Railroad pension. I am going to retire this year at age 64. Can I take a reduced Social Security benefit until I turn 66 then apply to Railroad pension and get the unreduced Tier I and II benefits from the Railroad?