Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Was Railroad Correct In Reducing My Benefits?

I retired from home depot in august 2013. IN 2015 I needed to go back to work I went back to home depot. I was only gettin tier 2 railroad which was 488.13 a month. When i went back to work for home depot railroad said they had to cut the 488.13 in half . My husband retired from the railroad after 36 years. I do not think thats right to do that.


Can I File For Social Security Benefits At Age 62 And File For Railroad Retirement Benefits Later?

I am 61 1/2 and had my first job 45 years ago. 10 1/2 years of that was for a railroad. So, I am entitled to both Social Security benefits and RRB benefits once I reach age 62. I was told I could start taking Social Security benefits at age 62, continue to work, and wait until my full retirement age (66 years, 4 months) and then retire from Railroad Retirement to get the larger retirement benefit. Can you confirm this for me please? Does taking Social Security at 62 in any way affect the RRB tier I benefit I would be entitled to receive at full retirement age? Thank you.

Can I Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits From The Railroad And My Social Security Benefits?

At age 62 will I be able to receive divorced spousal benefits from the railroad and at retirement age draw my social security benefits?


Potentially, yes. However, you can only receive the higher of your Social Security benefit rate or your Tier 1 Railroad rate, not both simultaneously. In addition to the higher of those 2 rates, you could be paid any Tier 2 Railroad benefits to which you are entitled.

Can I Apply For Social Security At Age 70 Even Though I'm Getting Railroad Benefits?

I have a unique situation. I retired at the age of 60 from 25 years of teaching in Michigan. I am married to a retired railroad man who worked for 42 years. When I retired I began collecting approximately 1/2 the amount my husband received from Railroad Retretirement. I will be 70 in August. I just received my SS Benefit schedule that says that at 70 I would receive $2,190 in SS. I currently receive $1418 in RR retirement, a $772 difference. Can I now apply for SS at 70 or does my starting RR retirement at 60 end that possibility?

Will I Be Deemed To File For Social Security Benefits If I File For Railroad Benefits At Age 62?

Well, I just finished reading your book, Get What's Yours and I need a little clarification on my particular situation. I was married for 21 years to a railroad worker. He started drawing his RRR benefit when he was 60 (he turned 62 last month). He also worked in the covered sector but I doubt he had enough years to qualify me for social security divorced spousal benefit. I remarried at age 59 (I know, I should have read your book earlier) but am now thankfully divorced again.

Can My Husband File For Railroad Benefits At Age 66 & Social Security At Age 70?

My husband is eligible for railroad retirement and social security. I am eligible for social security under my own record and a spousal annuity under railroad retirement.
1. My husband is eligible to receive his full railroad retirement annuity at age 66. Can he receive that annuity at age 66 and then apply for social security at age 70 and receive a larger benefit in his Tier 1 portion? The Railroad Retirement Board told us yes.

Can My Wife Get Railroad Benefits From My Record And Her Social Security?

Can my wife,who does not nor ever has worked for the railroad collect her social security along with my railroad pension ?


Your wife could potentially receive both Social Security (SS) retirement benefits and Railroad (RR) spousal benefits, but her Tier 1 RR benefit would be offset by the amount of her SS benefit (https://www.rrb.gov/forms/opa/ib2/ib2_ann_components.asp).

Best, Jerry

Can I Draw Spousal Benefits If My Husband Receives Railroad Retirement?

Hi Larry,
I am trying to understand spousal benefit options, given this scenario:
Husband worked sufficient years under the RR system and also separately paid into Social Security (at least 40 quarters).
Husband is 65 and currently collecting RR Benefits, with his wife approaching age 59. The wife does not qualify for Social Security benefits on her own, but would be entitled to Social Security Spousal Benefits...normally.